source: trunk/openwrt/target/linux/fonera2n/patches-2.6.21/999-fix-initramfs-compile.patch @ 2296

Last change on this file since 2296 was 2296, checked in by matthijs, 6 years ago

build-system: Fix building with TARGET_ROOTFS_INITRAMFS=y.

This allows a booting the image through TFTP instead of having to flash
the image onto the Fonera. This needs serial access to tell the
bootloader to boot from TFTP instead of internal flash, though.

This patch was tested only on 2.0n.

File size: 723 bytes
  • arch/mips/rt2880/Kconfig

    When setting RT2880_ROOTFS_IN_RAM, the MTD drivers are still compiled,
    but the MTD_KERNEL_PART_SIZE would suddenly stop being defined, breaking
    compilation of ralink-flash.c. This simply defines the value, even when
    the rootfs is not on flash (causing the MTD subsystem to still
    recognize any flash partitions, even when we're not booting from them).
    151151config MTD_KERNEL_PART_SIZ
    152152        hex 'MTD Kernel Partition Size (Unit:Bytes)'
    153153        default 0xD0000
    154         depends on RT2880_ROOTFS_IN_FLASH && !ROOTFS_IN_FLASH_NO_PADDING
     154        depends on !ROOTFS_IN_FLASH_NO_PADDING
    156156config  RALINK_TIMER
    157157        tristate 'Ralink WatchDog'
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