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build-system: Fix building with TARGET_ROOTFS_INITRAMFS=y.

This allows a booting the image through TFTP instead of having to flash
the image onto the Fonera. This needs serial access to tell the
bootloader to boot from TFTP instead of internal flash, though.

This patch was tested only on 2.0n.

File size: 768 bytes
  • scripts/

    Makefiles _really_ don't like filenames with colons in them. If the
    rootfs contains filenames with colons (which happens with
    usb-modeswitch-data, for example), the dependencies file for the
    initramfs contains colons. If that gets included in the kernel
    Makefiles, make throws an error and bails out.
    By simply not including these filenames in the dependency list, this
    problem is worked around (at a minimal cost to the automatic dependency
    tracking, but the OpenWRT build system probably prevents this from being
    a problem).
    a b print_mtime() { 
    9999list_parse() {
    100         echo "$1 \\"
     100        echo "$1" | grep -q ':' || echo "$1 \\"
    103103# for each file print a line in following format
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