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Status: closed (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1110 Limit number of peers in Transmission to reduce load enhancement normal fon-plugin-transmission N/A
#1240 Openwrt Packages support is broken bug normal fon-buildsystem (Paco)
#1250 fonera should check the app images before trying to mount them enhancement normal fon-plugin-transmission N/A
#1256 execute user profile script enhancement normal fon-base-firmware N/A
#1257 error message from /etc/fonstated/FWallDaemon bug normal fon-base-firmware (Paco)
#1336 Fonera 2.0n crashes when printing via USB bug normal fon-plugin-printer (Paco)
#1338 Internet Connection Settings text incorrect bug normal fon-web (Paco Jr)
#1343 Update Transmission to Version 2.83 enhancement normal fon-plugin-transmission (Paco Jr)
#1344 Add comment box to Port Forwarding in GUI enhancement normal fon-network N/A

Status: confirmed (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1156 Add 3G dongle types from GUI enhancement normal fon-network-3g N/A
#1352 Typo error on WoL application page bug low fon-plugin-wol (Paco Jr)
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