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#498 Deselected "fwbrowser" in menuconfig, but link still there in LuCI investigate iurgi@… normal Firmware 2.3 unknown
#542 usb / samba / torrent / network drive problems testnewer normal fon-base-firmware
#561 WEP support broken on Fonera 2.0n: testnewer john.crispin@… normal fon-wifi
#598 UMTS works, GPRS fails with Huawei E220 on Fonera investigate normal fon-network-3g
#672 The fonera fails to spin up idle HDDs investigate normal Firmware 2.3 fon-base-firmware
#828 is sooooooo slow confirmed john.crispin@… normal fon-web
#839 Firewall not working in bridge mode confirmed john.crispin@… normal fon-network
#855 Low throughput using FTP/Windows Networking and USB disk investigate normal Firmware 2.3 fon-base-firmware
#878 Duplicate html <form> tags when using SimpleForms confirmed normal fon-base-firmware
#880 Upload to flickr / facebook from filebrowser creates "done" directory with empty files confirmed normal Firmware 2.3 fon-plugin-flickr
#901 3G connection does NOT reflect traffic utilization in Dashboard >> Status panel investigate normal Firmware 2.3 fon-network-3g
#902 Transmission settings issue after reboot confirmed normal Firmware 2.3 fon-plugin-transmission
#948 SSID with spaces accepted without errors but only first word really recognized investigate normal Firmware 2.3 unknown
#959 Trust Webcam not working investigate normal Firmware 2.3 fon-plugin-webcam
#968 Upgrade page says "45 minutes" for both 2.0g and 2.0n confirmed normal Firmware 2.3 translations
#971 recover connected discs at boot investigate normal fon-base-firmware
#976 USB Disk mounting is unstable investigate normal fon-base-firmware
#994 Remove Chillispot Reaper process investigate normal fon-base-firmware
#1009 Sentence not localized in the application installation confirmed normal Firmware 2.3 translations
#1027 kernel: DWC_OTG_HC_XFER_FRAME_OVERRUN: 8 erro using SPB TV infoneeded normal fon-base-firmware
#1067 printer server does not worked immediately after updating to beta investigate normal Firmware 2.3 fon-plugin-printer
#1078 music plugin does not play specific mp3 files/streams confirmed normal Firmware 2.3 fon-plugin-music
#1106 Wifi restarts often when 3G signal low infoneeded normal fon-network-3g
#1109 3G not reconnect after reboot investigate normal fon-network-3g
#1116 WiFi range too low investigate normal Firmware 2.3 fon-wifi
#1117 Unstable USB disk investigate normal fon-base-firmware
#1118 Crashed 3G cannot recover automatically investigate normal fon-network-3g
#1124 3G killed after most 12 hours investigate normal fon-network-3g
#1145 b/g/n mix mode not working infoneeded normal fon-wifi
#1149 /var/state/umtsd filling up over time investigate normal fon-network-3g
#1152 Wifi sometimes don't start after power on investigate normal fon-network
#1162 network bridge fails regularly infoneeded normal fon-network
#1171 Supported Webcam via supported USB 2.0 Hub unsupported infoneeded normal fon-plugin-webcam
#1194 No WebGUI logout from WAN investigate normal Firmware 2.3 fon-web
#1226 | Bei Wlan-Auswahl von nur g-Modus ist MyPlace nicht erreichbar infoneeded normal Firmware 2.3 fon-wifi
#1230 Transmission not responsive when a load of files are added (?) infoneeded normal Firmware 2.3 fon-plugin-transmission
#1235 channel XXX: open failed: unknown channel type: infoneeded normal unknown
#1236 Picasa upload does not always work. infoneeded normal fon-plugin-picasa
#1242 Samba access denied on Paco infoneeded normal Firmware 2.3 fon-base-firmware
#1246 Fonera 2.0n N encryption problem infoneeded normal fon-wifi
#1251 openvpn "safe surf" dns resolution doesn't work infoneeded normal fon-plugin-openvpn
#1258 USB disk mounts not available after power on investigate normal Firmware 2.3 fon-base-firmware
#1259 Transmission keeps restarting while "rejecting IO to dead device" messages appear infoneeded normal fon-base-firmware
#1297 Printer Plugin loop All internet infoneeded normal fon-plugin-printer
#1302 No Friends and Family on fon webpage. investigate normal fon-web
#1306 Connections get dropped every two hours investigate normal Firmware 2.3 unknown
#1309 DHCP / DNS problems with Fonera 2.0n infoneeded normal fon-web
#1311 Video Service Through Xbox 360 is interrupted investigate normal unknown
#1312 automount problem Drobo with 2 volumes confirmed normal unknown
#1317 Wireless network disapears for 5 minutes several times a day infoneeded normal fon-wifi
#1330 Huawei E160E don't work with Firmware confirmed normal fon-network-3g
#1335 Fon "eating" 3G bandwidth infoneeded normal fon-network-3g
#1339 OpenVPN stopped working under infoneeded normal fon-plugin-openvpn
#1348 Chillispot error: new normal fon-base-firmware
#1349 FonSpot no longer working in the UK infoneeded normal fon-wifi
#1353 Hotspot Disable Under 3G new normal other
#1354 Register "Button" Not Working new normal other
#385 FTP does not support "long file names" investigate low Firmware 2.3 fon-base-firmware
#496 If firmware is compiled without Twitter support, link is still there investigate iurgi@… low Firmware 2.3 fon-plugins
#625 transmission TCP port and iptables update confirm low Firmware 2.3 fon-plugin-transmission
#1352 Typo error on WoL application page confirmed low Firmware fon-plugin-wol
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