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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#833 USB Disc settings doesn't list device numbers confirmed enhancement normal
#839 Firewall not working in bridge mode confirmed john.crispin@… bug normal
#878 Duplicate html <form> tags when using SimpleForms confirmed bug normal
#880 Upload to flickr / facebook from filebrowser creates "done" directory with empty files confirmed bug normal Firmware 2.3
#932 Upgrade 2.0g kernel to confirmed enhancement normal Firmware 2.3
#1025 Port forwarding does not work from the internal network investigate enhancement normal
#1073 Allow specifying the BSSID in wifi-client mode confirmed enhancement normal Firmware 2.3
#1142 Music plugin should support mms and rtsp streams confirmed enhancement normal
#1176 Reduce memory usage on 2.0g investigate task normal Firmware 2.3
#1204 Make Transmission download partition (and path?) configurable confirmed enhancement normal Firmware 2.3
#1236 Picasa upload does not always work. infoneeded bug normal
#1245 Support 3G dongle: Huawei E353 confirmed enhancement normal
#972 Update opkg / import overlay_root patch investigate enhancement low
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