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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1117 Unstable USB disk investigate bug normal
#1242 Samba access denied on Paco infoneeded bug normal Firmware 2.3
#1246 Fonera 2.0n N encryption problem infoneeded bug normal
#1258 USB disk mounts not available after power on investigate bug normal Firmware 2.3
#1259 Transmission keeps restarting while "rejecting IO to dead device" messages appear infoneeded bug normal
#1260 Problem with Fonera 2.0n and different USB 3G dongles in Denmark infoneeded enhancement normal
#1297 Printer Plugin loop All internet infoneeded bug normal
#1302 No Friends and Family on fon webpage. investigate bug normal
#1306 Connections get dropped every two hours investigate bug normal Firmware 2.3
#1309 DHCP / DNS problems with Fonera 2.0n infoneeded bug normal
#1310 Não consigo aceder por SSH infoneeded request normal
#1311 Video Service Through Xbox 360 is interrupted investigate bug normal
#1312 automount problem Drobo with 2 volumes confirmed bug normal
#1317 Wireless network disapears for 5 minutes several times a day infoneeded bug normal
#1332 show in web gui when "wifi" switch is disabled new enhancement normal
#1335 Fon "eating" 3G bandwidth infoneeded bug normal
#1342 Printing from Android or Google Cloud Print investigate enhancement normal
#1360 apply the coupons new request normal
#1361 remembered the promo code new request normal
#1249 USB audio with Tascam US-144 sound card investigate enhancement low
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