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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1357 .gz update file not recognized in browser new request normal fon-base-firmware
#1358 xhxhhx new enhancement normal unknown
#1359 read about the coupon new task normal fon-plugin-ddns
#1360 apply the coupons new request normal fon-plugin-flickr
#1361 remembered the promo code new request normal fon-plugin-openvpn
#1362 website has a discount new task normal fon-plugin-flickr
#26 e-mail notifications confirmed enhancement low unknown
#229 Scheduler (cron) for services/plugins running on Fonera 2 confirmed enhancement low fon-base-firmware
#235 daap support investigate enhancement low fon-plugins
#252 Torrent via RSS investigate enhancement low fon-plugin-transmission
#255 Alarm clock investigate enhancement low fon-base-firmware
#323 ext4 support: backport ext4 driver confirmed enhancement low Firmware 2.3 fon-base-firmware
#345 F2 as a security cam investigate enhancement low fon-plugin-webcam
#366 Add option to set DHCP lease ip range to Luci investigate enhancement low fon-network
#385 FTP does not support "long file names" investigate bug low Firmware 2.3 fon-base-firmware
#394 Flickr Uploader: Add tags, description, etcetera confirmed enhancement low fon-plugin-flickr
#465 traffic spend with 3G confirmed enhancement low fon-network-3g
#496 If firmware is compiled without Twitter support, link is still there investigate bug low Firmware 2.3 fon-plugins
#554 Add USB/IP capabilities investigate enhancement low fon-plugins
#588 Megaupload/rapidshare uploads investigate enhancement low fon-plugins
#629 Wifi MAC address filtering investigate enhancement low fon-wifi
#640 OGG support in the music plugin confirmed enhancement low fon-plugin-music
#972 Update opkg / import overlay_root patch investigate enhancement low fon-base-firmware
#1215 ”renew ip adress” option/function without restarting router for Fonera2n confirmed enhancement low Firmware 2.3 fon-web
#1249 USB audio with Tascam US-144 sound card investigate enhancement low fon-plugin-music
#1352 Typo error on WoL application page confirmed bug low Firmware fon-plugin-wol
#226 3G Failover feature confirmed enhancement lowest fon-network
#368 Ask for twitter settings in the setup wizard confirmed enhancement lowest fon-base-firmware
#615 Twitter Notifications in Other Languages confirmed enhancement lowest Firmware 2.3 translations
#1238 Feature request: OwnCloud investigate enhancement lowest fon-base-firmware
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