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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#996 Transmission does not start if installed on sda2 formatted ext3 bug normal unknown
#998 DynDNS does not work in bridge mode bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-ddns
#999 Wired network stopped working bug normal fon-network
#1001 HUAWEI E1750, hangs at "UMTS is dialing in" enhancement normal fon-network-3g
#1002 Transmission plugin compilation fails (trunk) bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-transmission
#1004 Re-enable cron request normal fon-base-firmware
#1005 read-only usb drive bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1006 Is Support Here? request normal unknown
#1011 Fon Maps showing all fon spots as active bug normal fon-web
#1012 Implementing Usb audio card like airtunes enhancement normal fon-plugin-music
#1013 NTFS bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1014 dropbox enhancement normal unknown
#1017 3G / UMTS request normal fon-wifi
#1018 Decreased Wifi performance / stability when using wpa2 bug normal fon-wifi
#1019 All files in application images are deleted sometimes bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1020 Running openvpn on port 443 wan enhancement normal unknown
#1021 Update transmission to 2.22 enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-transmission
#1022 PPPoE internet connection not working randomly bug normal fon-network
#1024 Download Helper doesn't work on Firefox 4 javier enhancement normal fon-plugin-downloader
#1026 Port forwarding a range of ports does not work bug normal Firmware fon-network-3g
#1029 Webcam support on SVN 1876 build for 2.0n bug normal fon-plugin-webcam
#1030 Torrent stops due to “Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character” bug normal fon-plugin-transmission
#1031 fon.advanced.umts setting present but not implemented enhancement normal Firmware fon-network-3g
#1036 Wrong OpenVPN routes in bridge mode bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-openvpn
#1037 reset to factory settings request normal fon-base-firmware
#1038 Trunk (linux 2.6.21 and busybox) doesn't build with latest GNU Make bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1039 busybox doesn't build with latest GNU Make bug normal other
#1040 So you get your E169G runnig on Fonera 2.0n bug normal fon-network-3g
#1041 fon_free in n mode without internet connection bug normal fon-wifi
#1042 firmware before the summer 2011 request normal fon-base-firmware
#1044 Error when enter in http://localhost:8080 request normal unknown
#1045 Compile error - with patch bug normal Firmware unknown
#1047 Forwarding port 80 does'nt work bug normal fon-network
#1048 USB Disc - DWC_otg: Device Not Supported request normal fon-base-firmware
#1049 Issuing a "rm -r" command on a samba mounted share deletes files on the router's / bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1050 PPPoE problem bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1054 syslogd/klogd take up 99% cpu when an Archos 10.1 internet tablet Android 2.2 froyo connects bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1055 connection with xbox360? bug normal fon-network
#1056 New Twitter plugin problem bug normal fon-plugin-twitter
#1057 LAN and Wi-Fi hosts hosts cannot communicate with each other since SVN 1929 build bug normal Firmware fon-network
#1058 Unale to install transmission bug normal fon-plugin-transmission
#1059 Visualization of the WiFi signals received from the Fonera enhancement normal Firmware fon-web
#1060 Typo in Italian upgrade page bug normal translations
#1061 Sentences not localized in the Twitter settings bug normal Firmware translations
#1063 Make all default Apps removable enhancement normal other
#1064 dwc_otg module causing the device to be unstable bug normal other
#1065 f2n samba with windows7 bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1066 settings torrent and openvpn seems to be switched after updating to beta bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1068 WAN becomes LAN. Bug or Undocumented feature? bug normal Firmware fon-network
#1069 Unable to connect to Wireless network bug normal Firmware fon-wifi
#1070 After installation of beta 1 does not show IP Address on UI bug normal fon-web
#1071 router does not resolve fonera to itself bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1072 Picasa keeps uploading the same pictures enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-picasa
#1074 Slow internet with IPV6 and Wifi bridge mode bug normal Firmware fon-wifi
#1075 new feature, port priority & transmission losing dl data after update enhancement normal unknown
#1076 No login/password on LAN connection during IP mode with La Fonera 2.0g request normal unknown
#1077 WIFI-WAN scan enhancement normal fon-wifi
#1079 Settings for target device on Download Manager aren't kept bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-downloader
#1080 F2.0g Wifi-Bridge Mode .Absolutely no response bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1081 OpenVpn on Beta; zip data corrupted! bug normal fon-plugin-openvpn
#1082 Include AP Watchdog feature when in WiFi WAN mode enhancement normal fon-wifi
#1083 telnet client bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1084 Fonera 2.0N WPA Key Length/Content Limitations bug normal Firmware fon-wifi
#1085 Enable ipv6 modules for more easy tinkering with ipv6 enhancement normal Firmware unknown
#1087 (Picasa) uploader problems (combined with motion4fon) bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-picasa
#1088 OpenVPN config generated with doesn't work with bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-openvpn
#1089 uClibc patch to make netatalk 2.2.1 getting work bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1090 Wifi Bridge freezes Fonera 2.0 n with Beta 2 bug normal unknown
#1091 Public Wifi can't be disabled in Beta 2 bug normal Firmware fon-wifi
#1092 Register button broken on Beta 2 bug normal unknown
#1093 PIN failure when changing SIM in umts modem bug normal fon-network-3g
#1095 Webcam plugin can not be installed after updating to beta 2 bug normal fon-plugin-webcam
#1096 Rapidshare credentials do not save bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-downloader
#1098 Problem when add many file (more than 150) in download manager bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-downloader
#1100 Add a make rule enhancement normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1101 account MEGAUPLOAD not gestited bug normal fon-plugin-downloader
#1102 Huawei E160X don't work on F2G nor F2N bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1103 with firmware beta2 isn't possible to disable FON_FREE_INTERNET bug normal unknown
#1104 add ability to name the router enhancement normal fon-base-firmware
#1105 Fixed internet connection type request normal fon-base-firmware
#1107 Internet key disconnected bug normal fon-network-3g
#1110 Limit number of peers in Transmission to reduce load enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-transmission
#1112 Recent releases cannot be flashed from the 2.0g failsafe interface bug normal Firmware other
#1115 Advanced Wireless Settings: Mixed b/g/n or g/n only supports <= 54Mbit bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1119 Instability between Fon2.0n and Virgin Media Router (no other hardware or service available to test) - workaround provided enhancement normal fon-network
#1121 OVH ddns enhancement normal fon-plugin-ddns
#1122 cannot add rapidshare or hotfile account bug normal fon-plugin-downloader
#1123 Issue compiling from svn: Can't find linux- bug normal unknown
#1125 Onlined should do less aggressive checking enhancement normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1126 LaFonera 2n - ipv6 enhancement normal fon-network
#1127 Add No-Ip or any other free DNS service enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-ddns
#1129 Too frequent check for updates enhancement normal unknown
#1130 3G quits trying to redial bug normal fon-network-3g
#1131 suddenly cannot download from megaupload task normal fon-plugin-downloader
#1132 Unable to access ANY hot spot request normal unknown
#1137 fon status, the graphs not getting updated bug normal Firmware fon-web
#1138 Wifi-bridge mode doesn't connect to hidden networks enhancement normal Firmware fon-wifi
#1139 Wifi security problem bug normal fon-wifi
#1140 Personnal wifi security enhancement normal fon-wifi
#1141 Add Huawei E182e (E1820, 1823) to "3G compatibility" wiki request normal fon-network-3g
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