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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1146 Remove Megaupload from Download Manager task normal Firmware fon-plugin-downloader
#1148 WiFi internet mode does not work with WEP encryption bug normal Firmware fon-network
#1150 Fonera 2.0n does not resolve DNS bug normal fon-network
#1153 Add torrent service scheduled on/off feature enhancement normal fon-plugin-transmission
#1155 Update transmission enhancement normal unknown
#1157 SSH is not accessible from WAN bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1158 Transmission and Twitter notification enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-twitter
#1159 Wifi automatically enable and disable from time enhancement normal fon-wifi
#1160 OpenVPN routing problem bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-openvpn
#1161 Youtube filename enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-youtube
#1163 samba only for specified path enhancement normal fon-base-firmware
#1166 Antivirus scan enhancement normal other
#1170 Driver does not autoselect AES in n-only mode bug normal Firmware fon-wifi
#1173 Didn't like !!!! exclamations in passwords bug normal fon-wifi
#1174 providing dev firmware for fonera 2.0(n) that can be installed through web interface enhancement normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1175 Grainy icon in http://fonera/luci/dlmanager (the new without MU logo) bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-downloader
#1177 Support big disks (>2 TB) bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1178 Provide configuration for OpenVPN Max Clients enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-openvpn
#1180 Support Static IP addresses for OpenVPN clients through the Client Config Directories (CCD) option enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-openvpn
#1181 DDNS doesn't save settings and gives error bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-ddns
#1182 Wireless settings issues bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1183 DynDNS doesn't get updated on WAN ip change ? bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-ddns
#1184 SSH is not accesible from WAN bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1185 DHCP on WLAN does not deliver DNS entries / DNS options in /etc/config/dhcp not working bug normal fon-network
#1186 Performance issues with NTFS + Transmission not well documented bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-transmission
#1187 Wifi breaks down when 2 or more devices are connected via Ethernet bug normal Firmware fon-wifi
#1188 The possibility of changing the port number of openvpn server ?? enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-openvpn
#1190 wrong time zone offset setting enhancement normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1191 Downloadmanager (settings) broken in beta3 bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-downloader
#1192 Firewall settings show ghost entry bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1193 OPenvpn, Lzo compression and remote use of VPN enhancement normal fon-plugin-openvpn
#1196 DNS IP is not changed bug normal Firmware fon-network
#1197 Randomly PPPoE down and it is not reconnect it ? bug normal Firmware fon-network
#1198 Fonera Option of reset. enhancement normal fon-base-firmware
#1202 Bad German translation of "Firmware Update" dialog. bug normal Firmware translations
#1203 Log transmission messages enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-transmission
#1205 rc.common version is obsolete enhancement normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1206 Enable TLS-Auth in OpenVPN enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-openvpn
#1207 Programmatically authenticating with Fonera request normal unknown
#1208 Removing an OpenVPN client should prevent future logins bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-openvpn
#1210 Missing translation bug normal Firmware translations
#1211 DDNS options not showing in autobuild 2131 bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-ddns
#1212 Bridge mode causes disconnect status request normal fon-base-firmware
#1213 Music output fails bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-music
#1214 Option to hidden SSID private wifi. enhancement normal fon-wifi
#1217 Leaving facebook fields in the wizard empty gives an error bug normal Firmware fon-web
#1219 wol fonera 2n request normal other
#1221 Set channel witdh to 20 MHz bug normal Firmware fon-wifi
#1222 Problem with my fonera firmware version... bug normal fon-plugin-ddns
#1223 Audiocli homepage after installing over new beta 3 request normal fon-plugins
#1224 Problem with my OpenVPN Services... request normal fon-plugin-openvpn
#1225 WOL integrated in firmware enhancement normal fon-plugins
#1228 3G webinterface page is broken in rc1 bug normal Firmware fon-network-3g
#1229 DNS server not correctly set in PPPoE mode matthijs bug normal Firmware fon-network
#1232 libtool build problem breaks transmission build: /usr/lib/ could not read symbols: File in wrong format bug normal Firmware other
#1233 can not login with ssh anymore request normal other
#1234 Printer doesn't work bug normal fon-plugin-printer
#1239 Hungarian character support request normal fon-base-firmware
#1240 Openwrt Packages support is broken bug normal Firmware fon-buildsystem
#1241 ssh not allowed when in bridge request normal unknown
#1243 Wide links = no breaks Media share bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1244 fonera 2.0n + 3G dongle Huawei e173u-i not working enhancement normal fon-network-3g
#1247 Samba share problem with Fonera 2202 on Windows bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1250 fonera should check the app images before trying to mount them enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-transmission
#1253 Hardware: How can Dutch users get a registered fonera with Bill account & paypal and with no "KPN" ISP request normal unknown
#1256 execute user profile script enhancement normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1257 error message from /etc/fonstated/FWallDaemon bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1299 Loss of LAN ports on FONERA 2n with ONKYO TX-NR414 connected bug normal fon-base-firmware
#1300 Dynamic DNS:, URL escaping corrupts update code bug normal fon-plugin-ddns
#1303 FONBasic sur Brcm63xx request normal fon-base-firmware
#1304 brcm63xx Port request normal unknown
#1305 Instalacion psyBNC request normal other
#1307 Twitter integration broken: Twitter removed REST API v1 bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-twitter
#1315 FON Belgacom request normal unknown
#1316 Applications don't see connection in wifi bridge mode bug normal fon-plugins
#1318 OPENVPN | wrong client source ip address bug normal unknown
#1319 LASER PRINTER CANON LBP-660 & FONERA 2.0N enhancement normal fon-plugin-printer
#1321 Spaces not allowed in OpenVPN Client Name bug normal fon-plugin-openvpn
#1325 NTLMv2 authentication (Windows 7 file sharing) does not work on 2.0g bug normal Firmware fon-base-firmware
#1326 Twitter notifications aren't working again on la fonera 2.0n v bug normal fon-plugin-twitter
#1327 permission problem in samba (wide links= no) bug normal unknown
#1329 Update Router with 3G Modem "BIN" file enhancement normal fon-network-3g
#1333 "Upgrading" SVN Firmware on 2.0N task normal other
#1334 Transmission won't start on bug normal fon-plugin-transmission
#1336 Fonera 2.0n crashes when printing via USB bug normal Firmware fon-plugin-printer
#1338 Internet Connection Settings text incorrect bug normal Firmware fon-web
#1341 Iptables DNS request normal unknown
#1343 Update Transmission to Version 2.83 enhancement normal Firmware fon-plugin-transmission
#1344 Add comment box to Port Forwarding in GUI enhancement normal Firmware fon-network
#1347 Subversion plugin enhancement normal fon-plugins
#1355 3rd SSID Support for Fonera20n request normal fon-wifi
#3 Asterisk in Fonera 2.0 iurgi@… enhancement low unknown
#5 Settings page typo john.crispin@… bug low First Release fon-web
#6 dev image doesn't have opkg iurgi@… enhancement low First Release unknown
#8 empty gui firewall entry causes extra firewall config entry enhancement low First Release fon-base-firmware
#9 SSH access missing from fw gui in dev mode john.crispin@… bug low First Release fon-web
#24 asterisk14 fails to build iurgi@… bug low fon-plugins
#27 Scheduled reboot iurgi@… request low unknown
#29 Webcam from WAN Side john.crispin@… bug low fon-web
#34 3G modem and webcam compatibility list iurgi@… request low unknown
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