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Status: confirmed (27 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#880 Upload to flickr / facebook from filebrowser creates "done" directory with empty files bug normal fon-plugin-flickr (Gari jr.)
#902 Transmission settings issue after reboot bug normal fon-plugin-transmission (Gari jr.)
#911 It could be good to optionally start the OpenVPN management port enhancement normal fon-plugin-openvpn (Gari jr.)
#919 Replace Music Plugin with Music Player Deamon (MPD) enhancement normal fon-plugin-music N/A
#932 Upgrade 2.0g kernel to enhancement normal fon-base-firmware N/A
#933 Twitter Notification when all downloads are completed enhancement normal fon-plugin-downloader N/A
#944 webdav file sharing enhancement normal other (Gari jr.)
#957 include an url to the fonera downloader extension for firefox when the user logs in with firefox enhancement normal fon-plugin-downloader N/A
#968 Upgrade page says "45 minutes" for both 2.0g and 2.0n bug normal translations (Gari jr.)
#973 download manager: try downloading again a file in case of error enhancement normal fon-plugin-downloader N/A
#997 transmission - preallocation full by default installation enhancement normal fon-plugin-transmission (Gari jr.)
#1009 Sentence not localized in the application installation bug normal translations (Gari jr.)
#1053 Correct isp bandwith in QoS setting. (typing instead of selecting) enhancement normal fon-base-firmware N/A
#1073 Allow specifying the BSSID in wifi-client mode enhancement normal fon-network N/A
#1078 music plugin does not play specific mp3 files/streams bug normal fon-plugin-music beta3
#1099 Disable private wifi enhancement normal unknown beta2
#1128 Support Netatalk / AFP (for Time machine on Mac OSX 10.7) enhancement normal other beta1
#1164 unrar for fonera enhancement normal fon-plugins N/A
#1165 OpenVPN: New feature: site-to-site VPN with two Fonera enhancement normal fon-plugin-openvpn N/A
#1204 Make Transmission download partition (and path?) configurable enhancement normal fon-plugin-transmission N/A
#1216 FTP Client capability added to Download Manager (or FTP Client App) enhancement normal fon-plugin-downloader N/A
#1296 Custom dns for DHCP clients enhancement normal fon-base-firmware N/A
#1323 enable share USB devices between computers with their full functionality enhancement normal fon-base-firmware N/A
#1337 Increase or allow editing of lcp-echo-interval for PPPoE connections enhancement normal fon-network N/A
#323 ext4 support: backport ext4 driver iurgi@… enhancement low fon-base-firmware N/A
#1215 ”renew ip adress” option/function without restarting router for Fonera2n enhancement low fon-web N/A
#615 Twitter Notifications in Other Languages iurgi@… enhancement lowest translations

Status: infoneeded (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1189 Use WAN MAC address for wifi-client enhancement normal fon-wifi beta3
#1226 | Bei Wlan-Auswahl von nur g-Modus ist MyPlace nicht erreichbar bug normal fon-wifi rc1
#1230 Transmission not responsive when a load of files are added (?) bug normal fon-plugin-transmission rc1
#1242 Samba access denied on Paco bug normal fon-base-firmware (Paco)

Status: investigate (27 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#498 Deselected "fwbrowser" in menuconfig, but link still there in LuCI iurgi@… bug normal unknown Unknown
#516 Allow enabling DHCP server in bridge mode john.crispin@… enhancement normal fon-network N/A
#579 Prevent attacks iurgi@… enhancement normal fon-network N/A
#585 No information publish with Avahi (ZeroConf) iurgi@… enhancement normal fon-plugin-printer N/A
#672 The fonera fails to spin up idle HDDs bug normal fon-base-firmware (Gari)
#855 Low throughput using FTP/Windows Networking and USB disk bug normal fon-base-firmware (Gari)
#858 Enhancement: Support USB HD spin-down enhancement normal fon-base-firmware (Gari)
#869 Upnp Media server [UPnP AV], feature still missing iurgi@… enhancement normal fon-plugin-ushare (Gari)
#901 3G connection does NOT reflect traffic utilization in Dashboard >> Status panel bug normal fon-network-3g (Gari jr.)
#926 Change/add hostname option in Fonera2.0N enhancement normal fon-base-firmware N/A
#948 SSID with spaces accepted without errors but only first word really recognized bug normal unknown (Gari jr.)
#959 Trust Webcam not working bug normal fon-plugin-webcam (Gari jr.)
#982 downloader replacement candidate: pyLOAD enhancement normal fon-plugin-downloader (Gari jr.)
#1062 Add AirPlay support enhancement normal fon-plugins N/A
#1067 printer server does not worked immediately after updating to beta bug normal fon-plugin-printer beta1
#1086 Transmission improvements enhancement normal fon-plugin-transmission beta1
#1116 WiFi range too low bug normal fon-wifi beta2
#1176 Reduce memory usage on 2.0g task normal fon-base-firmware beta2
#1179 Add static leases to /etc/hosts for DnsMasq enhancement normal fon-network N/A
#1194 No WebGUI logout from WAN bug normal fon-web beta3
#1209 Option to move pppoe reconnect to specific time enhancement normal fon-base-firmware N/A
#1252 dav2fs support to enable fonera->owncloud->dropbox uploading enhancement normal other N/A
#1258 USB disk mounts not available after power on bug normal fon-base-firmware (Paco)
#1306 Connections get dropped every two hours bug normal unknown (Paco)
#1328 (3G) Accumulated Bandwidth Reporting enhancement normal fon-network-3g N/A
#385 FTP does not support "long file names" bug low fon-base-firmware Other
#496 If firmware is compiled without Twitter support, link is still there iurgi@… bug low fon-plugins rc2
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