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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#1348 Chillispot error: www.fonshop.com.tw fon-base-firmware Other bug new Jul 27, 2014
#1353 Hotspot Disable Under 3G other beta1 bug new Jan 12, 2015
#1354 Register "Button" Not Working other beta1 bug new Jan 15, 2015
#1351 QOS for Fonera 20n & 20g fon-base-firmware beta1 enhancement new Nov 2, 2014
#1358 xhxhhx unknown Unknown enhancement new Mar 16, 2016
#1295 Stable Advice If You Want The Services Of Legal Counsel ### unknown Unknown request new Apr 15, 2013
#1345 not enough space to free some space unknown (Paco Jr) request new Jul 12, 2014
#1356 how I can add and compile external packages in my image openwrt unknown Unknown request new Apr 28, 2015
#1357 .gz update file not recognized in browser fon-base-firmware beta1 request new Sep 1, 2015
#1360 apply the coupons fon-plugin-flickr (Paco) request new Jul 16, 2017
#1346 Fonera 2.0n Compatible Dongles unknown (Paco Jr) task new Jul 17, 2014
#1359 read about the coupon fon-plugin-ddns beta1 task new Feb 10, 2017
#1332 show in web gui when "wifi" switch is disabled fon-wifi (Paco) enhancement new Dec 26, 2013
#1350 Add support for Netgear AC762S 3G/4G modem fon-network-3g beta1 enhancement new Oct 14, 2014
#1255 OScam as Fonera2.0n application. fon-plugins N/A request new Mar 16, 2013
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