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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Owner Changed Reporter
#1335 Fon "eating" 3G bandwidth fon-network-3g bug -16776938465 days ago anonymous
#1339 OpenVPN stopped working under fon-plugin-openvpn bug -16528499965 days ago anonymous
#1349 FonSpot no longer working in the UK fon-wifi bug -16357440914 days ago matthijs
#1189 Use WAN MAC address for wifi-client fon-wifi Firmware 2.3 enhancement -16328721192 days ago matthijs
#1251 openvpn "safe surf" dns resolution doesn't work fon-plugin-openvpn bug -16313223044 days ago anonymous
#1226 | Bei Wlan-Auswahl von nur g-Modus ist MyPlace nicht erreichbar fon-wifi Firmware 2.3 bug -16268703403 days ago RichardPt
#1106 Wifi restarts often when 3G signal low fon-network-3g bug -16267323889 days ago RichardPt
#1220 Enhancement: Provide an option to relay broadcast packets unknown enhancement -16250861690 days ago RichardPt
#1310 Não consigo aceder por SSH other request -16250091007 days ago RichardPt
#1242 Samba access denied on Paco fon-base-firmware Firmware 2.3 bug -16248852523 days ago RichardPt
#1260 Problem with Fonera 2.0n and different USB 3G dongles in Denmark fon-network-3g enhancement -16214421192 days ago kydimos
#1235 channel XXX: open failed: unknown channel type: unknown bug -16159676331 days ago Ramil
#1340 Huawei E392 Surfstick LTE 4G fon-network-3g enhancement -16159502002 days ago Elyas
#1246 Fonera 2.0n N encryption problem fon-wifi bug -16157783380 days ago Cena
#1309 DHCP / DNS problems with Fonera 2.0n fon-web bug -16102321053 days ago matthijs
#1331 BUG : Google free acces on FON Spot fon-web request -16034346829 days ago matthijs
#1317 Wireless network disapears for 5 minutes several times a day fon-wifi bug -15924462211 days ago Simon@…
#1297 Printer Plugin loop All internet fon-plugin-printer bug -15824475289 days ago matthijs
#1259 Transmission keeps restarting while "rejecting IO to dead device" messages appear fon-base-firmware bug -15819449688 days ago mihaly.reg@…
#1230 Transmission not responsive when a load of files are added (?) fon-plugin-transmission Firmware 2.3 bug -15701786759 days ago matthijs
#1171 Supported Webcam via supported USB 2.0 Hub unsupported fon-plugin-webcam bug -15694730405 days ago matthijs
#1162 network bridge fails regularly fon-network bug -15694727836 days ago matthijs
#584 Qos even for openvpn fon-network enhancement iurgi@… -15693690336 days ago matthijs
#1027 kernel: DWC_OTG_HC_XFER_FRAME_OVERRUN: 8 erro using SPB TV fon-base-firmware bug -15693335938 days ago matthijs
#1145 b/g/n mix mode not working fon-wifi bug -15686478021 days ago matthijs
#1236 Picasa upload does not always work. fon-plugin-picasa bug -15686382431 days ago matthijs
#1154 No port triggering in fonera fon-network enhancement -15398328345 days ago matthijs
#542 usb / samba / torrent / network drive problems fon-base-firmware bug -14778485752 days ago matthijs
#561 WEP support broken on Fonera 2.0n: fon-wifi bug john.crispin@… -14768591690 days ago matthijs
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