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Skype 2 sip gateway

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A great enhancement for the fonera would be a skype to sip gateway, allowing the forwarding of incoming skype calls to any sip address. Additional information maybe found here:  http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/skype/sip-to-skype-gateway-breaks-skypes-great-wall-of-voip.asp


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This would be very cool, but I'm afraid the software you link to ( PSGW) can not be run on a Fonera:

  • Since the Skype protocol is closed, the PSGW software needs a running Skype on the same machine, so it can use the Skype API for the Skype protocol. Considering that Skype is not available for the MIPS processor (and is closed source, so we can't compile it for MIPS), it needs a running X server, is way too heavy by itself), we can't run Skype.
  • Since the PSGW software is currently Windows only, and closed source, we can't run it.
  • Since the PSGW software is not free, we can't just ship it for the Fonera.

I'm afraid that, as long as Skype keeps it protocol closed, we'll never be able to implement something like this....

Changed 5 years ago by t031

Thank you Matthijs, understood. Cheers T031

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