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Upgrade 2.0g kernel to

Reported by: matthijs Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone: Firmware 2.3
Component: fon-base-firmware Version: N/A
Severity: minor
Cc: Hardware: 2.0g (FON2202)


The most recent release in the 2.6.26 series is .8. We could consider upgrading to it. Potentially interesting changes are:

commit bb457a9869e945299445f13bf618975d1562ab83
Author: Alan Stern <>
Date:   Thu Aug 14 03:55:11 2008 +0000

    usb-serial: don't release unregistered minors
    commit 0282b7f2a874e72c18fcd5a112ccf67f71ba7f5c upstream
    This patch (as1121) fixes a bug in the USB serial core.  When a device
    is unregistered, the core will give back its minors -- even if the
    device hasn't been assigned any!
    The patch reserves the highest minor value (255) to mean that no minor
    was assigned.  It also removes some dead code and does a small style

    USB: usb-storage: quirk around v1.11 firmware on Nikon D4
    commit b9a097f26e55968cbc52e30a4a2e73d32d7604ce upstream
    usb-storage: quirk around v1.11 firmware on Nikon D40
    Just as in earlier firmware versions, we need to perform this
    quirk for the latest version too.
    Speculatively do the entry for the D80 too, as they seem to
    have the same firmware problems historically.

commit 13f3b97af2f88fab1e36adbc6372b184315fdda3
Author: Alexey Dobriyan <>
Date:   Fri Aug 22 17:40:10 2008 +0000

    USB: cdc-acm: don't unlock acm->mutex on error path
    commit 74573ee7096a4ffc2f098108d21c85801b9c7434 upstream
    On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 03:52:36PM +0300, Andrei Popa wrote:
    > I installed gnokii-0.6.22-r2 and gave the command "gnokii --identify"
    > and the kernel oopsed:
    > BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000458
    > IP: [<c0444b52>] mutex_unlock+0x0/0xb
    >  [<c03830ae>] acm_tty_open+0x4c/0x214

commit 1a5f1e89a9259b8447530f671f7fe70ca1049453
Author: Ralph Loader <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 19:35:38 2008 -0400

    V4L/DVB (9053): fix buffer overflow in uvc-video
    Commit fe6c700ff34e68e1eb7991e9c5d18986d0005ac1 upstream
    V4L/DVB (9053): fix buffer overflow in uvc-video
    There is a buffer overflow in drivers/media/video/uvc/uvc_ctrl.c:
    INFO: 0xf2c5ce08-0xf2c5ce0b. First byte 0xa1 instead of 0xcc
    INFO: Allocated in uvc_query_v4l2_ctrl+0x3c/0x239 [uvcvideo] age=13 cpu=1 pid=4975
    A fixed size 8-byte buffer is allocated, and a variable size field is read
    into it; there is no particular bound on the size of the field (it is
    dependent on hardware and configuration) and it can overflow [also
    verified by inserting printk's.]
    The patch attempts to size the buffer to the correctly.

commit 643c65d64a8755fca03ab057e6ea2c87c0cc245d
Author: Laurent Pinchart <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 19:33:49 2008 -0400

    V4L/DVB (8617): uvcvideo: don't use stack-based buffers for USB transfers.
    commit 04793dd041bbb88a39b768b714c725de2c339b51 upstream
    Data buffers on the stack are not allowed for USB I/O. Use dynamically
    allocated buffers instead.

commit 372bd6a0bb40ecf8c3ba96fc25f556e23c0847a1
Author: Laurent Pinchart <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 19:32:03 2008 -0400

    V4L/DVB (8498): uvcvideo: Return sensible min and max values when querying a boolean control.
    commit 54812c77bc830e2dbcb62b4c6d8a9c7f97cfdd1b upstream
    [required to get the following two patches to apply]
    Although the V4L2 spec states that the minimum and maximum fields may not be
    valid for control types other than V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_INTEGER, it makes sense
    to set the bounds to 0 and 1 for boolean controls instead of returning
    uninitialized values.

There's probably also a handful of stability fixes that could be useful, and of course dozens of changes for hardware or architectures we don't use :-)

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