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    11= fonstated =
    22== tl;dr ==
    3 ||'''Event Handler:'''||Executables (preferably Lua scripts) in /etc/fonstated/||
    4 ||'''Scheduler Configuration:'''||/etc/config/fonstate||
     3||'''Event Handler:'''||Executables (preferably Lua scripts) in ''/etc/fonstated/''||
     4||'''Scheduler Configuration:'''||''/etc/config/fonstate''||
    55||'''Fire an event:'''||''Lua:'' `require "luci.fon.event".new("EVENT")`[[BR]]''CBI:'' ` = {"EVENT"}`[[BR]]''Shell:'' `fs -l EVENT`||
    66||'''Immediately process an event (sync.):'''||''Lua:'' `require "luci.fon.event".runnow("EVENT")`[[BR]]''Shell:'' `/etc/fonstated/EVENT`||
    1111== Preliminary ==
    1212Fonstated is an event driven system scheduler and a core component
    13 of the Fon-ng firmware. It serves as a system event dispatcher and
     13of the Fon-ng firmware. It serves as a '''system event dispatcher''' and
    1414is therefore responsible for triggering the start up of services on
    1515system boot time after the basic system has been initialized as well
    2525user intervention.
    27 Each event has a unique alphanumeric identifier.
    28 Events can be registered by creating an executable - preferably Lua
    29 script - with the event identifier as filename under /etc/fonstated.
     27Each event has a '''unique alphanumeric identifier'''.
     28Events can be registered by creating an '''executable''' - preferably Lua
     29script - '''with the event identifier as filename''' under ''/etc/fonstated''.
    3030Therefore a list of registered events can be obtained by listing the
    3131contents of this directory.
    3535=== Triggering an event through fonstated: ===
    3636The usual way of triggering an event is queueing it through fonstated.
    37 Queued events may not be handled immediately but at a point where
     37Queued events '''may not be handled immediately''' but at a point where
    3838handling the event will most likely not result in risking the operation
    3939or stability of the system which could otherwise happen if many events
    40 are triggered concurrently. Therefore events should - whenever possible
     40are triggered concurrently. Therefore events should - '''whenever possible'''
    4141- be triggerd through fonstated.