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     1= Internet Relay Chat =
     3There is an IRC channel dedicated to Fonera development. Here, you can meet some of the other Fonera users, some of the developers and ask your (short) questions.
     5Some things to keep in mind:
     6 * Don't ask to ask, just ask!
     8 Don't start with questions like "Can someone help me with my Fonera?", or "Can I ask a question about my Fonera?". The answer to those questions will be "Probably, but only if you ask your real question". It's not considered impolite to start asking real questions right away, it's a lot more efficient too.
     9 * Be patient!
     11 It might take a few hours or even days for someone with an answer to see your question. We're not online 24/7, but we do try to read back the channel history when we are. It is okay to re-ask your question if it got lost in conversation, but don't do this too often.
     12 * Be polite!
     14 People are investing time to help other on IRC, even if they can't solve your problem right away. Use appropriate language and don't say things that are untrue.
     15 * Help others!
     17 Feel free to stick around on the IRC channel after you've received help. There will be other people with questions, you might be able to help them out in return.
     19== Connecting to the IRC channel ==
     20The IRC channel is called {{{#fonosfera}}} and it runs on the [ Freenode] IRC network. If you have an IRC client installed, simply connect to and join the {{{#fonosfera}}} channel.
     22If you don't have or want an IRC client, you can use the [ Freenode webchat]. Just fill in a nickname for yourself and put {{{#fonosfera}}} in the channels field.