Redboot Access / Flashing via Network


Your Ethernet Interface:
Your HTTP-Server:
Your Firmware Image:
Fonera RedBoot Telnet Server:
RedBoot Commands:load -r -b %{FREEMEMLO} /openwrt-fonera2.image -m http -p 80
fis delete image
fis create image


The Fonera 2 uses the boot loader RedBoot for bootstrapping the device and loading the firmware. You can find a Command Reference for RedBoot in the RedBoot User's Guide. We will cover the steps of flashing a new firmware in detail in the following tutorial.

Redboot Access

Connect the Fonera 2 to your PC's ethernet port and make sure its not powered on.
Open a terminal and become root.

Needed Software: iproute2, PuTTY
Software Installation:

aptitude install iproute putty   ### For Debian (and some of its derivates)

Note: Some desktop distributions use network manager for their network configuration, unfortunately network manager will interfer with our static network configuration so we will disable it for now.
If you don't use network manager or your ethernet interface is unmanaged you can skip this.
Warning: You might loose your internet connectivity!

/etc/init.d/network-manager stop    ### Just ignore any error messages and go on with the next step
  1. Setup and configure the network assuming eth0 is the name of your ethernet interface
    ip link set eth0 up
    ip address add dev eth0
  1. Start putty
    putty -telnet -P 9000
  1. Now immediately power on your Fonera. If you get a timeout, close PuTTY and retry starting PuTTY and power cycling.
    If everything works well you will get the prompt: RedBoot>

Flashing via Network

We assume you want to flash a firmware image openwrt-fonera2.image onto your router using RedBoot.
Needed Software: Apache 2 or any other httpd such as the LuCI SDK httpd

Software Installation:

aptitude install apache2   ### For Debian (and some of its derivates)

Your httpd should be running - if not start your httpd now.
Copy the firmware image to the http document root directory.

cp openwrt-fonera2.image /var/www ### For Apache 2 on Debian (and some of its derivates)

Follow the Redboot Access paragraph above and proceed with the following steps on the RedBoot console.

  1. Load the image into the RAM and wait for a message like Raw file loaded...
    load -r -b %{FREEMEMLO} /openwrt-fonera2.image -m http -p 80
  1. Delete the old firmware, confirm with y if asked to
    fis delete image
  1. Now write the new image onto the flash memory
    fis create image
  1. Wait about 15 to 30 minutes until you get a reply then type
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