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    2323=== SSH access and running commands ===
    2424When you have a developer firmware, you can access your Fonera using SSH. A common SSH client for Windows machines is [ PuTTY]. You can use it to connect using the hostname "fonera" (or the IP address of your fonera), username "root" and the password you configured on the Fonera dashboard.
     26To connect using commandline SSH (on Linux or MacOS X), open a terminal
     27and type the following command:
     30user@host:~$ ssh root@fonera
     31tthijs@xanthe:~$ ssh root@fonera
     32The authenticity of host 'fonera (' can't be established.
     33RSA key fingerprint is ae:dc:46:87:4e:ac:f8:3f:84:ce:86:5c:19:b0:f2:5c.
     34Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
     35Warning: Permanently added 'fonera,' (RSA) to the list of
     36known hosts.
     37root@fonera's password:
     39BusyBox v1.11.1 (2010-02-17 13:46:25 CET) built-in shell (ash)
     40Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
     45You'll have to type "yes" the first time you connect to store the SSH
     46key of the Fonera. Note that you might need to remove the key from
     47{{{~/.ssh/known_hosts}}} if you reset the Fonera to factory settings.
    2649When you successfully connect using SSH, you will get a banner stating which version of the firmware you are running, followed by the command prompt. The prompt looks like this:
    6689Alternatively, you can use the SCP (Secure !CoPy) protocol to access files. On Windows, the [ WinSCP] program allows SCP access. Login details are the same as for SSH: Use "fonera" or the ip address of your fonera for host, "root" as username and the dashboard password as password. Be sure to select the "SCP" connection type, as opposed to "SFTP" (which the Fonera does not support).
     91On Linux and MacOS X, you can use the {{{scp}}} command. Open up a
     92terminal and type:
     95user@host:~$ scp root@fonera:/tmp/output.txt
     96root@fonera's password:
     97output.txt                                100%  149     0.2KB/s   00:00   
     101This will copy the file {{{/tmp/output.txt}}} from the Fonera to the current directory
     102on your local machine.
    68104=== Pasting file contents or command outputs ===
    69105When you're asked to provide the output of a command or the contents of a file, you should make sure to present it in a readable way.