Flashing the Fonera 2.0 via SSH

To be able to access your Fonera 2.0 using the ssh protocol you need to be running a "Development" version of the firmware. "DEV" version of the firmware can be downloaded from Username is "root"; password is the one you use to access Fonera's WebUI (default: "admin")

Upload a custom firmware to the Fonera

  • If you store the firmware image locally you may use SCP or WinSCP to upload the file in the /tmp directory of the Fonera.
  • If the custom image is available on the Internet you may connect via ssh to the Fonera and type the following:
    # cd /tmp
    # wget http://path.of/filename.img

Write firmware image to the Fonera

Connect to your Fonera 2.0 via ssh and type the following:

# mtd -r write /tmp/filename.img image

Depending on the hardware version of the Fonera the operation may take up to 20 min (early 2.0g models are slow, 2.0n models should be done in just a few minutes). Then the Fonera will reboot initiating the custom firmware.

Note: this operation will give you a clean firmware, your configuration changes will be lost

Preserving your configuration

To preserve your configuration, use the following commands:
mtd -j /tmp/sysupgrade.tgz -r write /tmp/filename.img image

The script will collect configuration data in a file called /tmp/sysupgrade.tgz. Then mtd will put those files in the newly created JFFS partition, so they are available after the reboot.

Note that the script is available starting from the beta1 firmware release. If you have an earlier firmware, you can get this script by running:

wget -O /sbin/
chmod +x /sbin/

After this, just run the commands above.

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